Airwork Applications

Aerial Photography

Smooth flying characteristics, unobstructed views and slow operational speeds make a helicopter the ideal platform for aerial photography and cinematography. Dependent on weather conditions, doors can be removed to allow camera operators maximum visibility and manoeuvrability to capture unique perspectives.

Promhelis has low level flying approval and company pilots have worked with professional camera operators from many companies, including Herald Sun, The Australian, ABC TV and Channel 7.


Contact us for your aerial photography requirements.  

Spotting, Inspections and Surveying

Slow speeds, removable doors and unobstructed views make the helicopter an ideal platform for aerial inspection, surveying and spotting. The helicopter can be used for, but not limited to:

  • Property surveying and inspection

  • Livestock inspection

  • Marine / fish spotting

  • Pipeline and powerline inspection

  • Feral animal observation

  • Search and rescue support

  • Fire spotting

Contact us with your aerial spotting requirements.

Low Flying Operations

Promhelis has approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to conduct low flying operations for certain types of flights. This can be particularly useful for still and motion filming and specific air work operations.

Please contact us for further information.

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