Supporting local business is of the utmost importance particularly in remote regional locations such as Wilsons Promontory and its surrounds. Promhelis support and work alongside many businesses in the community including those listed below.     

Local Information

Food & Beveridge

Waratah Hills Vineyard

Wilsons Prom Cafe Bakery

Sandy Point General Store

Yanakie General Store

20 Cottmans Road, Fish Creek

3 Millar Road, Yanakie

107 Beach Parade, Sandy Point

3640 Meeniyan-Promontory Road, Yanakie

Wilsons Promontory, Victoria

Comfort Inn Foster

3800 South Gippsland Highway, Foster

Fish Creek Bed & Breakfast

65 Old Waratah Road, Fish Creek

Fish Creek Cottage

39 Old Waratah Road, Fish Creek

Wilsons Promontory National Park, Yanakie

Limosa Rise

40 Dalgleish Road, Yanakie

Mt Singapore Villas

170 Foley Road, Yanakie

One Tree Hill

Agnes River Road, Hazel Park

Promhills Cabins

3650 Meeniyan-Promontory Road, Yanakie

30 Davies Road West, Sandy Point

Shallow Inlet Caravan Park

350 Lester Road, Yanakie

The Art House

15 Falls Road, Fish Creek

Tindoona Cottages

330 Fullers Road, Foster

Timbolo Lodge

15 Millar Road, Yanakie

Wilsons Promontory Motel

26 Station Road, Foster

390 Foley Road, Yanakie


A Fare with Nature

Bear Gully Coastal Cottages

Black Cockatoo Cottages

Buln Buln Cabins

Coastal View Cabins

718 Foster-Promontory Road, Foster

35 Maitland Court, Walkerville South

60 Foley Road, Yanakie

36 Leslea Court, Yanakie

150 Foley Road, Yanakie

Just Inside the Gate Eco Lodge

Sanctuary @ Waratah

Yanakie Caravan Park

Tidal View Holiday Cottage

70 Foley Road, Yanakie

Tour Groups

Bunyip Tours

Park Trek - Walking Holidays

Departing Melbourne

Wilsons Promontory


South Gippsland Tank Adventures

2349 Woorarra Road, Wonyip